A Targeted Approach For Both Parties

In order to tackle contemporary recruitment and corporate culture problems,
Schwarzcube introduces an innovative approach to recruitment through the “eco-system
compatibility analysis” (ESCA) for both the candidate and the company.

  • ESCA – Eco-system compatibility analysis

  • HRDM – Human Resource Diversity Management

  • CCS – Company Culture Scan

  • Psychometrics– Psychological measurement

In order to guarantee professional and psychologically qualified candidates, they will receive internal training during their stay in
the company, free of charge for the employer.

Our approach


Tired of once again experiencing a missmatch in your recruitment? Hired a person you had to let go after 6 months because he did not fit the company culture after all? Let us help you screen all candidates in a fashion that will guarantee the succes rate of your recruitment. Is the candidate an expert in his field? That’s great. Let us help you find a candidate that is not only professionally skilled, but also psycho-socially adapted to your working environment.

Our approach


Did the job description on the internet not match the actual job? Have you had enough of jumps into the abyss when it comes to joining a company? Would you like to know the real face of a company you are thinking of joining? You have come to the right place. Schwarzcube will act in your best interest and that doesn’t just mean finding you a job. It means finding you a job where you will maximize self-development and satisfaction and not only receive a good financial package. Life is more than that.

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At Schwarzube we believe that any solution brought forward is only worth its salt if it has a solid research behind it. This is why our services are founded on relevant data, gathered in cooperation with individual experts and companies. If you are a company and are interested in participating in our continuous expansion of data and elaborate surveys, you can always send an e-mail or call us!


The 21st century is marked by an exponentially growing diversity on the work floor, whether it is age, cultural differences or handicaps. Find the perfect balance by making your company diversity-ready with our “Human Resource Diversity Management” approach.

Company Culture Scan

Productivity and efficiency is a balance between professional skills and social wellbeing, hence our emphasis on psycho-social wellbeing of all employees. By performing a CCS you will receive an indicator of your Company Social Wellbeing (CSW), followed by exact advice to improve your company culture.


Psychometric testing is mainly associated with questionnaires, which ask questions about attitudes, behaviors, preferences, motives, and values. Also performance-based tests where candidates have to solve different kinds of numerical, graphical or verbal problems.

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Eco-System Compatibility Analysis. The Schwarzcube way of hiring the right people.

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