The Problem

The past few years have been plagued by rising staff turnover in the early stages of the career, resulting in a huge financial loss for the company and increasing job insecurity for the employee. This is often caused by mismatches during the recruitment period, with the focus, unfortunately, on “theoretical” compatibility of the knowledge, rather than on the conformity of the respective values ​​and norms.

Research has shown that one of the greatest reasons for resignation is psychological: the workplace is not as expected, lack of confidence or a feeling of ingratitude.

The Solution

In order to tackle contemporary recruitment and corporate culture problems,
Schwarzcube introduces an innovative approach to recruitment through the “eco-system
compatibility analysis” (ESCA) for both the candidate and the company.

This procedure analyzes the individual competencies and characteristics of the candidate and their
compatibility with the company’s working culture. In order to guarantee professional and
psychologically qualified candidates, they will receive internal training during their stay in
the company, free of charge for the employer.

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Eco-System Compatibility Analysis. The Schwarzcube way of hiring the right people.

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